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10 sure-fire things, which make a woman, well, a WOMAN…

I genuinely think us women get a lot of stick sometimes; yes we’re emotional, yes we get angry, yes we might swear too much or bottle things up for months on end. BUT, isn’t this the beauty of the female species and the things that keep it interesting. Nobody wants a boring life right?!

I’ve put together 10 traits which I bet most women can relate to. Do you agree?

1. It’s okay to have a good cry every now and then. I don’t just mean one glistening tear on the edge of your cheekbone; I mean a good old, heartfelt sob into your pillow for at least half an hour. Let it out girl, I guarantee you will feel so much better afterwards.

2. Eating copious amounts of sweets, chocolate and crisps may not be particularly good for you, but go for it! Everything in moderation…

3. Don’t believe everything you see on social media. This is the big one. We all do it – post photos, captions and status’ to inform the ‘world’ of where we’re at in life right now, fishing for those likes – but remember, it’s a bubble and a bubble can very easily be popped.

4. This is for all you fellow ginger, pale kids out there… it’s not the end of the world if you don’t tan! I know, it might seem it, and I’m certainly the worst for piling on the layers of tan every Wednesday night religiously. But seriously, you’re alive, you’re healthy, embrace it!

5. Treat your friends’ right. These girls should have your back through thick and thin, so make sure you have theirs. You’ll learn soon enough if there’s one that doesn’t.

6. Don’t cry over boys. Or don’t cry too much at least. Every time I’ve ever felt like crying over a boy, I remind myself that there are 7 billion people in this world; if the one you’re upset over isn’t absolutely obsessed with you, he really isn’t worth your time.

7. Getting ridiculously drunk so your friends have to bring you home at midnight isn’t big or clever Cinderella…. But it’s fun! Don’t get hung up about it the next day, we all need a blow out every now and then. Yes you may have made an arse of yourself, yes you may have drunk text one too many people, but keep your head high and laugh it off!

8. Your body is your body. Instead of trying to change it, why not embrace those curves or quirky traits which make you a little different?!

9. It’s okay to be alone; if something is meant to be, it’ll be.

10. Be happy! Short, simple, easier said than done, but it really is the bottom line.

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