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Ladies you say?! A day at Aintree Ladies Day

As much as it saddens me to say this… I STILL feel slightly hungover from ladies’ day! How is that even possible?! Is that even possible?!!

Signs of a good day/night though right?! And that it certainly was.  An array of colourful dresses, big hats, shed loads of makeup and contouring, underwear that should never be seen, and just general girly mishaps – it was everything I expected and more!

The first thing my Mum said to me when I told her I was going, was ‘Do not get too drunk Victoria, and please don’t make the Daily Mail!’

I think for some girls it’s all about making the Daily Mail, they dress to impress, and that’s to impress the photographers! In the hope of catching their eye, and making it on to the lengthy ‘write up’ of one of the most popular days in the calendar.

However, as boring as it may sound, my intention wasn’t to make the glossy news pages, but instead, look classy, have fun, win a few bets and just generally experience a day at the races.

The trip was booked with work, after we didn’t end up having our Christmas do; it was the perfect opportunity to spend the day together (a bit of team bonding), get glammed up to the nines, and of course, drink loads of alcohol.

group races

My outfit took a while to gather together, as I couldn’t decide on a dress or a skirt and top combo; I like to do things a little differently and decided I didn’t just want to wear a ‘normal’ dress.  Instead, I went for a black midi skirt from Warehouse, bralet and shoes from MissGuided, the bag was a last minute find from a local boutique shop called The Loft Boutique, and I borrowed the fascinator from a friend.

I didn’t actually try all this on together, the visual image in my head was good enough, and I was sure it would all work out in the end.  I think it did, I loved my outfit and really enjoyed wearing it all day.  I felt confident and glam, and that’s the whole point isn’t it?!


We queued up for a while to enter the car park, and as it was luckily a lovely day, we wound the windows down… well, it felt like I was sat in the front row at London Fashion Week.  Or maybe not…

It was FANTASTIC people watching, scrutinising outfits (yes I was being a tad judgy), checking out the girl’s dresses, heels (most of them could barely walk), hats, scarves, jackets, everything you could think of!  This kept us occupied while we queued up and we finally entered.

The whole day was really good fun from start to finish; we found a little bar for our first drinks and used this for most of the day, it kept us topped up with plenty of wine, prosecco, cider, crabbies – you name it!  We put our money together and did a little kitty in terms of bets, £20 each and after a few races, we pretty much broke even, result!

We arrived home about 6pm, and of course, I couldn’t just go home like a normal person.  I ended up hitting the delights of Barrowford, and rolled in about midnight (I think!) – I blame this for the terrible hangover!!

It was a day I’d definitely like to repeat next year, and I’d recommend to all you ladies out there; but remember, the cameras don’t miss a trick, so behave gals!



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