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5 reasons why women in their early twenties shouldn’t feel guilty for acting their age…

Controversial title I know, I debated over it for a while, but then again this blog isn’t a get at anyone, it’s simply my opinion scribbled down for anyone who might agree or disagree.

I’ve stumbled upon that age in life where everything feels a little divided. Half of my friends have ‘grown up’, got married, had children or are expecting, and the other half are in a similar situation to me. Well, it’s not really a situation; basically we’re still partying too much, drinking vodka, and waking up with a stonking hangover and the dreaded ‘beer fear’.

Neither is right or wrong, but sometimes it feels like we SHOULD be doing certain things by now… ‘Have you got a boyfriend Victoria?’ my Grandad likes to ask, although much more frequently than a few years back. The ‘no’ answer nowadays doesn’t seem to get the same response as it once did; instead I’m greeted with a ‘hmmmm’. Yes, we all know what the hmmmm means.

I’m 24, young, in my prime, living life to the full, and I certainly don’t feel like I need to rush into all the ‘grown up’ things – there’s plenty of time for that, right?!

So, here are five reasons why your life is YOURS, and you should do with it what you wish, and most importantly, what makes you happy…

1. Life is too short. It’s cheesy, we’ve all heard it a million times, but it’s so true. Every now and then, things happen which put life in perspective; we only get one shot at it.

2. There are SO many amazing places in the world, go and see them! I’m not for a second saying this isn’t possible when you’re married, have children etc – but, whilst you’re young and don’t have the commitments, it seems the best time!

3. We’re all a little different and this is what makes it interesting. Looks, personality, life goals and ambitions; there’s no right or wrong way, simply figuring out the way that works for you.

4. BUT, you don’t need to have it all figured out. It’s more exciting if you don’t…

5. Life isn’t a race, or a competition, and you’re not competing for the title of ‘Miss Been There Done That’.  By the time you reach your late twenties, there’s no set path you should be on. Make your own unspoken list and don’t feel pressured into thinking the list has to be the same as everyone else’s.  Because, well, that’d be boring!

Be happy guys – you don’t need to have it all planned out.


The idea for this blog post came after I read an article on the tragic story of a young woman who took her own life at 29, because she felt she didn’t ‘have it all’ by 30 – it’s SO sad, but the article makes for an interesting read and the writer brings up some good points.

Here’s the link if you fancy some more reading –

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