Being a ginger gal
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7 questions every redhead can’t avoid…

Being a ginger gal in today’s modern society can be interesting. I LOVE my hair colour and wouldn’t change it for the world, but there are a few things which coincide with the red hair which I would like to change.

Maybe I’ll grow out of this as I get older, but my pale skin, ability to burn just by looking at the sun, and fiery temper can sometimes cause problems…

It makes me laugh when other people also have views about ginger hair, and feel the need to comment or ask the blatantly obvious questions.

Today’s blog post is one for all the gingers out there, as I explore seven questions every redhead just can’t seem to avoid.

1. Do you tan?

This has got to be the best one. It’s common knowledge that no, MOST gingers do not tan. (The odd exception can do one! Haha) – but in all seriousness, this can be a touchy subject, especially for the younger generation, who are probably going through the phase of layering their skin with fake tan night after night. I’m very slowly coming to terms with the fact that I’ll never be a bronzed goddess, but it’s been a slow process, believe me! I don’t think I’ll ever fully embrace my paleness, it’s a confidence thing, but mounds and mounds of fake tan is a story of the past nowadays – one layer is enough – au natural right?!

2. Have you got enough sun cream on?

YES! I’m 24 now, and over the years I’ve learnt to cream up, unless I want to resemble a lobster or streaky bacon! I still refuse to wear factor 50, but 30 definitely comes out on holiday!

3. Are you a fiery redhead?

Now this drives me insane! How can a hair colour determine your personality?! In my case, it is pretty true and matched with my Scorpio star sign means yes, I can be pretty fiery (as my mum likes to point out when I’m on a rant ha!) – but I know plenty of ginger haired people who are shy, timid and certainly not fiery.

4. You’ll struggle to pull off certain colours won’t you?

Word of warning ginger peeps, stay away from peaches, lilacs and nudes – they can really wash a redhead out. And red too, this needs to be the right shade or it’s a no go!! I tend to wear a lot of black, navy, green, camel, tan – those sorts of colours.

5. Are your parents ginger?

Mine actually aren’t! LOL – it’s the old milkman joke! Ha! My sister and a couple of my cousins are ginge too, so it must date back further down the family tree.

6. Have you thought about dying your hair?

Yes, when I was going through my awkward teenage years, I decided I didn’t want to be ginger anymore. HUGE mistake! I rocked a short brown/black bob for about a year, and then it took another two years and countless home stripping kits to get my locks back. I won’t be making that mistake again!

7. Would you ever date another ginger?

NO – sorry guys but it’s kind of an unwritten rule isn’t it? Two gingers can’t be together, it just doesn’t work!

So ginger hair is beaut in my opinion and I receive compliments about mine on a daily basis, but I also get asked the above questions – maybe not so much anymore, but I think every ginger will get asked these at least once in their life!

Don’t take it to heart kids, it just comes with the territory!

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