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A birthday makeover ft my ‘love’ of freckles

It’s that time of year again where us girls love to get glammed up. I know there are special occasions all year round, but for me, with both my birthday and Christmas at this end of the year, it seems an even better excuse to go all out, spend that little bit more on a dress and even get my hair and makeup done.

And it’s the latter that today’s blog post is all about, as I give you the lowdown on a recent makeover I had for my birthday night out. Not sure makeover is the right word, but you get the gist, I got my makeup done by a professional.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I am SO fussy when it comes to my clothes, hair and makeup (or just with life in general, but that’s another story). I’ve had my makeup done once before, and when she revealed the end result, I literally cried my eyes out. Yes, right there in front of her and they certainly weren’t tears of joy… I hated it.

You could see all my freckles (pet hate), the coverage wasn’t what I wanted, she’d used green eyeshadow; it was just a disaster.

So ever since this incident, I haven’t let anyone near my face. I’m actually okay at doing my own makeup, I enjoy it and I’ve learnt what suits my face shape, skin tone and complexion.

Anyway, my cousin’s girlfriend has recently started doing makeup and all the photos of her work look fab. My sister booked in with her for a ball she was going to, and I was definitely intrigued. I sat and watched as she worked her magic; when she finished, both my sister and I were amazed. It looked fab.

Well, that was it then. I wanted mine done. After some gentle persuasion (or nagging), as she had plans and other clients that afternoon, she managed to fit me in.

I won’t lie, I must have been hard work (standard haha!) I sat there asking so many questions…cringe. What’s that you’re putting on now? Where are you putting that? Are you sure that’s the right colour? Hmmm not sure that will suit me?!

Every makeup artist’s worst nightmare I imagine! Ha…but Claire was really patient and reassured me that it was going to look fab and to trust her.

I’m glad I did, because I actually loved it. It looked amazing, really natural yet glamourous too. The eyeshadow was a copper/orange colour and complimented my hair and the rusty coloured orange top I was wearing. My eyes were smokey and it really brought out my natural green eye colour, making them stand out.

There was plenty of coverage and I was really impressed with this. The one thing I’d said to Claire was – make sure my freckles are covered please! Ha… I know, freckles are ‘in’ at the moment, but I’m just not ready to embrace them yet.


The cost of a makeover with Claire is £20 and this includes eyelashes. It’s definitely worth it and I felt fab all night! It’s something a little special and different and great for any occasion. Check out Makeup by Claire on Facebook girlies and get booked in!


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