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A makeup bag essential…

Every girl loves getting dolled up and feeling a million dollars. I think it goes without saying. I’m certainly no exception, and can’t go on a night out without my trusty ‘face on’ and GO TO makeup products.

Now, one of these products would be a good set of false eyelashes. I think since my teenage years, I must have sampled every make Superdrug or Boots has to offer. From the ultra long, thick (spider legs) look at the tender age of 18, to opting for a more natural look as I approach my mid twenties, I’m a fan of lashes and always have been.

My lovely hairdresser Rachel Mason has started selling a range in her salon, and asked me to check them out… of course I said yes, and what better weekend to sample them than a good old bank holiday!

I was out two nights in a row, so it was really putting them to the test…


I nipped into the shop to pick a pair thinking this would be a quick process. NO. It took about 20 minutes, umm’ing and arr’ing over which type to go for – more natural or those that were more edgy and full looking. I went with my first choice/gut instinct in the end… and I’m SO glad. I loved them!

They were really easy to apply, looked natural, not too heavy, but still glam and had that ‘Saturday night’ edge. I even wore them again on the Sunday night, and they felt almost brand new. You would never know they were being reused.

My sister commented straight away saying she loved them and they looked really natural and nice – that was all I wanted to hear!

new lash

Rachel tells me that the Kardashians are wearing them, so they must be cool right?!

But seriously I’ll definitely be heading back for another pair, and can’t wait to try a few of the other styles on offer too.

Nip in to the shop for a nosy ladies, at only £6.50 these are a make up bag MUST HAVE!

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