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Are you a victim of the beautifully addictive Netflix?

Staying up till the early hours of the morning is usually associated with boozing or partying, but what about the other obsession that has the nation gripped?

The obsession that also creates dark circles under the eyes, bleary eyed vision and the ability to maintain the foetus position for a good 12 hours?

Yes, Netflix, you have a lot to answer for!

Like so many out there, I’m a victim; a Netflix hoarder who refuses to believe that this thing may in fact be bad for me, and perhaps an app that should be deleted from my Ipad, before it controls my life completely.

My Netflix journey began at university, I’d heard about all these ‘amazing’ American series; Dexter,Prison Break, The Vampire Diaries, Homeland, Pretty Little Liars, and Orange Is The New Black. The list could go on, but that’s everything I’ve fallen victim to; I actually felt a little embarrassed as I typed it out, that’s already way too much time spent staring at my Ipad screen.

So what is it about these TV series that keeps us hooked and craving more, because, let’s face it, they’re an addiction…

Well firstly, there’s so much to watch! We really are spoilt for choice, whatever genre you’re into they’ll be a TV series relating to it. As you’ve probably noticed I’m a crime, fairytale, girly kinda gal (oh the irony), but they’ll be so many more series out there that I don’t even know about.

In some ways I definitely think the Netflix compulsion is a good thing. As sad as it may sound, it helps to control my partying habits at the weekend. Just like X Factor these series are an excuse to stay slumped on the sofa on a Saturday night, instead of spending the evening drinking copious amounts of vodka. While you may spend less money, you do tend to put on a few pounds in the process, because I’m sure everyone will agree that staying in watching TV calls for munch, and lots of it!

But as we all know, watching these series becomes an obsession, an obsession to fight our way to the end… curiosity gets the better of us and we charge from episode to episode transfixed in the never ending story – surely this can’t be a good thing?

‘Just one more episode’ is the absolute story of my life! I try to fall asleep around 11pm on a school night; I’m a very unhealthy morning person, so need a good few hours kip. However, Netflix doesn’t always make this easy, it’s almost like an inner battle and most of the time the characters on the screen win.

Each episode ends with a cliff-hanger, leaving the viewer in a state of suspense. That’s because these episodes are originally viewed on a weekly basis, but fortunately (or unfortunately) for those watching on Netflix, the next episode flashes on screen before you have chance to look away, and then it’s too late, you’re in…

So is this habit in fact, extremely damaging? Or is it the old battle of ‘four eyes’ from watching too much TV?

It’s simply a personal choice I guess, but remember that whilst you’re wrapped in your duvet transfixed in a magical or terrifying land, reminiscing with the characters that you know as well as your own mother, there are people out there, simply enjoying their lives…

I’m in two minds, I’ll openly admit to being a huge Netflix fan – but I’m also a big believer that everything is possible in moderation.

No obsession is good, think about that before you hit the ‘Play’ button.

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