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Are you an emoji king or queen? 👑

Very randomly, I got thinking the other day about emojis and how there are a certain few that I use ALL THE TIME. I’m sure lots of you will agree and will also have those trusty few that always sit in the ‘frequently used’ section on your phone keypad.

Now, I know these can be seasonal or subjective; over Christmas time, mine was brimming with Santas, Christmas trees, red wine, cocktails and dancing, yet over summer, I’m overusing sunshine emojis or aeroplanes, tents and music symbols.

But, whatever the time of year, there are some emojis which best describe my personality and I definitely seem to use them at least once a day.

So, here are my top five, can you relate? What are yours?!

😂 – Without fail, this is always at the top. I love to laugh though, so it makes sense! I genuinely use it all the time, obviously, this is because I’m hilarious and must find other people pretty hilarious too! Ha!

🙄 – I tend to roll my eyes a lot. I remember a teacher telling my mum at a parents evening in primary school once – ‘Victoria rolls her eyes a lot!’ oooooops! But I think this is a great one to express sarcasm and humour too.

🙈 – This is always good when you’re embarrassed or saying something cringy or annoying. I use it to lighten the mood or make something I’ve said appear less cringy!

🙊 – Cheeeeeeeeeky! This is a cheeky, playful, or even flirty emoji. It gives an indication of a small giggle or chuckle, it’s a cute one.

😘 – This one can be used in all kinds of situations, so it’s good for showing emotion to friends, family, boyfriends, or work colleagues. It could be a thank you, love you, token of appreciation or affection. I use it loads to show love for all the great people in my life! Awwwwww.

So, there we have my top five, there are loads more, I’ve just been having a look through and chuckling at all of them. What did we do before emojis? I use them far too much, but they’re a great form of expression!

PS – Absolutely loving that a new redhead emoji is set to take the world by storm! Brilliant!

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