Big, bouncy and pinned up…
Mirror, mirror

Big, bouncy and pinned up…

Were you enticed by the title of the blog?  I know your game…

Well come on in, today’s blog post is a girly one. I’m not sure any fellas reading my blogs would appreciate the hot topic of hair, curls, red lips and 1950s pin up girls.

Well, maybe the latter, but I’m going to chat in some detail about the rest before we get to the girls…

I was recently asked by my hairdresser Rachel Mason, a fabulously creative and talented lady – who also happens to be a client at work – if I would act as a ‘hair doll’ for the young girl who works in her salon.

‘Of course!’ I replied, that devilish look in my eyes, as I imagined getting pampered for the afternoon.  It was to add to her portfolio, as she needed to practice a variety of quirky and stylish looks.

Now, I’ve always had an interest in the ‘retro’ look, the style is so glam and creative, and if you can pull it off, it’s a definite goer!

Well we decided to go for this look and see how it turned out.  Half way through, I watched intently as Alyssa styled my hair with the huge curling tongs, creating pin curls.  I have a pair myself and wanted to have a go at recreating the look at some point, although it’s definitely much harder than it looks!

I’m a girly girl, so I love to play with my hair, trying new styles, trends and giving things a go; I get bored easily and I really believe your hair and makeup is a great reflection of you and your character.  It’s expression, creativity and individuality.

Half way through the activity, Rachel mentioned that I had a look of a 1950s pin up girl.  I’ll take that, those women were HOT!


I think it all depends on your face shape, character and hair style.  I have really thick hair, which I guess is quite easy to work with, and that day I was wearing bright red lippy which added to the whole effect!

Anyway, after we’d had a giggle and discussed pin up girls (I want someone to throw a themed party on this!!), Alyssa gently unravelled my hair, teasing it this way and that, and putting it in place, taking care not to lose the beautiful retro curls she had created.

I’m all about big bouncy hair, so I asked her to keep this effect and she did… I felt a million dollars when she finished the work of art! Cliché but true.

My hair looked fab, I was so pleased and it definitely got plenty of compliments.

front view

I’ve spent the evening scouring Pinterest, eyeing up retro curls, I’ll leave you to ponder these beautiful women…

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