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Does this make me a ‘Pro’ blogger?

Since starting my blogging journey, I’ve had my heart set on getting my hands on a MacBook Pro. Not sure why, but I really felt like it would make my whole blogging process better; more efficient and professional if you will.

We all know the saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way…

Well my dreams came true last week, and as I write todays blog post, my hands effortlessly flow over the shiny, sparkling, crisp keys of the MacBook Pro. She’s a beauty!

Now, the question arises over whether this beautiful piece of technology, will in fact help me to up my game – will my followers on Twitter soar through the roof? Will huge brands be in touch to work alongside them? Will I be sent freebies left, right and centre?

Basically, is my MacBook Pro magic?

I wish eh!

No, the laptop would not magically create the path to bloggers heaven, so why on earth was I so adamant on having one?

I’ll tell you why; I really believe that looking and feeling the part helps to inspire and spur us on in the right direction. This laptop has made things a whole lot EASIER, and that’s the first step to succeeding right?! Putting plans in place to make things easier. DEEP I know, but it is 8.30pm after all.

I didn’t have my own computer prior to this, so having the freedom to blog whenever and wherever I like means that when the ideas randomly occur at awkward hours in the day, I can type them out, right then and there. Instead of filling my notes folder in my phone, with random words and phrases hoping I somehow remember what the hell I was thinking a few days later!

There’s so much scope with the MacBook, I’m excited to learn about it all!

So that’s the fun stuff out of the way, but what about those who invest in the latest form of technology, simply to feel accepted and part of the ‘cool’ crowd. These things are expensive, and having them as an ‘accessory’ that doesn’t see the outside of a laptop bag is really not worth the pennies!

So does being the owner of a MacBook Pro, really make you a ‘pro’ at what you do?

I’ll let you know in a few months, as my blogging journey continues, and I really get to grips with my new love.

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