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Fabulous festival vibes!

Getting dolled up to the nines is every girls dream right? It’s definitely one of my favourite things to do, so when my hairdresser asked me to take part in a photoshoot to promote a festival themed deal she was offering, my answer was YES!

Rachel Mason, my hairdresser has teamed up with a fabulous local makeup artist called Rhianna Leach to offer a festival look package. How amazing does this sound?! I’m a Creamfields gal through and through and normally go here for the full weekend every year, but for all you girlies who like to head to a festival for the day, or simply want to look the part on the first day, then this is for YOU.

The package consists of hair, makeup, face art and hair glitter, all for just £60. Basically, let the professionals do their job, whilst you sit and relax, and get in the party mood!

So the day started at 9.30am, as four of us piled into the salon to get transformed. We each had a very different look, and Rachel and Rhianna had ideas for each of us. The aim was to show off our face features and hair, promoting the various hairstyles and makeup looks available, which would wow the festival crowds!

I had my makeup done first… now, I’ve only had this done once before and I cried because it was so bad :/ so as you can imagine, I was a little nervous.

But there was no need to be! Rhianna was great, made me feel at ease and just worked her magic. She did something completely different, which I never would have dared try usually – my eyes were a combination of blues and purples, which amazingly made my natural green eyes look SO green. It was pretty impressive!

fest eyesmakeup

It took a little while to get used to this new look – I usually wear brown, gold and copper colours to complement my hair and skin colour. This new look however, certainly had a festival vibe and I felt like a proper rock chick! Ha!

Next was my hair…I’m so fussy when it comes to my hair, but Rachel gets me and knows what works and what doesn’t. I’m all about volume and like my hairstyles to look big and bouncy. Rachel created an edgy plait down my centre parting, and big loose waves in the rest of my hair. It looked great and suited the quirky makeup.


We then headed to a studio nearby and had our photos taken. This was a whole new experience, which took me way out of my comfort zone. I’ll be honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be a model in my next life – give me a selfie instead of posing for a camera any day!

But it was a good experience, and we even got treated to a Dominos half way through the shoot! I’m all for trying new things, so this was a fantastic day to add to the list!

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