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I remember as a child I had a real love/hate relationship with family walks. Some days I couldn’t wait to be let loose in the wild, climb trees and explore the outdoors. Other days I moaned and groaned about the weekly family walks, and sulked the whole time – everyone did this though right?!

But super Sundays mean different things for different people; family time, religion, finishing that ‘to do’ list, shopping, football or spending the day in bed hungover.

Since the age of 18 (ish), most of my time on a Sunday was spent rough at work, as I willed, or rather begged the clock to hit 5pm. Then I got a full time job, but instead of relishing the fact that for the first time in six years, I had Sundays off work, I spent the time hungover in bed, nursing a stonking hangover from the previous night, and being less productive than ever before!

It’s a vicious cycle… Saturday night out vs fresh Sundays?! Which one are you?

Now, I’m not saying much has changed just yet, as I do enjoy a good Saturday night out more than I should, so I do tend to spend A LOT of time hungover (oooops), but more recently I’ve discovered fresh Sundays, and fresh Sunday walks…

Walking on a Sunday? Who would have thought! But I enjoy it, I’m not saying I spend every Sunday trekking the Yorkshire three peaks, or climbing Malham Cove, these are only small walks with friends to catch up. But waking up fresh is a great feeling, and it makes me feel all productive and worthwhile knowing that I’ve got out of the house and actually done something!


And according to my Instagram feed, a lot of you folks like a fresh Sunday stroll; amongst photos from Saturday nights out, there are so many walking, countryside and ‘fresh’ photos which feed my timeline throughout the day. I think people feel more productive if they can give a great story about how they spent their Sunday, me included.



I don’t how long this will last, maybe it’s just a phase… the colder days are coming and I have lots of Saturday night plans over the next few months, making it harder to choose feeling fresh over hungover – my bad.

Maybe I’ll try and do both, that’d be a real break through?!

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