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Illuminati does FOOD

When your favourite local bar announces that it’s closing for a refurb and is now serving FOOD, you know it’s time for a visit…

So that’s exactly what some friends and I did last Saturday night, as we got dressed up and visited Illuminati. Our table was booked for 7pm – it felt weird walking in at this time, as I’ll admit to usually stumbling into the building about midnight/1am most weekends, with a very bluured memory the next day…ooops!

My sister Olivia, and my two friends Alex and Charlotte came with me, and we were so impressed when we walked in – the place looked totally different and there was definitely a cool ‘city’ vibe!

We were greeted by a waitress at the front door, who was really attentive and showed us to our table right away. We ordered cocktails straight away of course, I went for a Strawberry Orgasm, which was every bit as good as it sounds! Ha!

The menu is like tapas, so you have the option to order one, two, or three dishes; we went for two each as we were starving! My sister and I ordered the same two dishes, and Alex and Charlotte ended up ordering the same too – I know, I know, not very imaginative or exciting!! Next time, we’ll definitely be ordering a selection off the great menu and all having a bit of each.

Our meals were pan seared bream fillets, potato chive and pancetta salad with a mustard dressing, risotto balls stuffed with pesto mozzarella, red pepper and chilli dip – sounds amazing right?! The other girls had tandoori marinated chicken, with mint cous cous, lemon and yoghurt, and lamb rump, with crushed rosemary & garlic potatoes, and honey glazed carrot.

The food was lovely, really tasty and it felt like we were a million miles from Burnley! We couldn’t fit a pudding in, but that’s just all the more reason to go back eh?!

Here’s a few pics, I think they speak for themselves!



It’s great to have somewhere to go in Burnley that feels a little different; the city vibe works, and everything from the interior design and lighting to the Ipads which they took our orders and paid our bill on, screamed cool, quirky and edgy!

The idea works, and I can’t wait for another visit – next time we thought about going a little later, and staying for the night, as it’ll be nice to see the transition into a late night bar!


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