In LOVE with my new bedroom
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In LOVE with my new bedroom

The bedroom. A place of rest and relaxation (ahem!); a beauty room during the week, a wardrobe every day, a cinema on Thursday evenings or maybe even a gym three times a week. Whatever your preference, there’s no denying that most of us spend a great deal of time in our bedrooms, and this is why it’s so important to get the décor right…

Coming from such a big family, I’ve always had box rooms really; this was fine as it meant I didn’t have to share a room, but there wasn’t much scope for creativity and design like I might have hoped.

The room I have now is a BIG room, with lots of potential. Originally I’d gone for a ‘country cottage’ style if you will, orange tartan bedding, brown curtains and carpet, and beige and brown accessories. It was nice, but after around eight months, I was bored already, it was time for a change.

I had ideas about how I wanted my new room, and after a few hours looking through Pinterest, collating ideas and getting everything straight in my head, I started to do some online shopping. It was only window-shopping for now; I had to rob a bank first before I could go ahead! JOKE!!

However, I stumbled across the most beautiful crushed velvet truffle bed frame and fell in love instantly, it was exactly what I wanted, and without really realising I popped it in my ‘shopping bag’, alongside two vintage ‘shabby chic’ bedside tables which were a bargain find.

It was all on a whim really – I’m terrible, once I have an idea in my head, there’s no stopping me, so I clicked ‘pay’ and entered my details. They were to arrive in the next two weeks.

The next step was accessories; I took a trip to The Range, a place my sister and I love and can spend hours wandering the aisles. I found a funky clock, some flowers for each of my windowsills, a ‘shabby chic’ white mirror that matched the theme and a few other bits and bobs to bring the room together.

I was so chuffed!

The bedside tables arrived first and although on the small side (I’ll admit to not measuring them at all! Ooops), I excitedly awaited the arrival of my bed. It arrived and we set to building the thing… That’s a lie actually, my friend built it and I provided the bacon butties!!

The bed was the main feature, I added cushions, throws, the ‘bargain’ bedside tables were placed at either side, the clock ticked on the wall, the flowers were propped ‘just so’ in the vases and there we had it… a room exactly as I envisioned – fabulous!

new bedroom 1

In the meantime, I’d had my TV put up on the wall, as after eight months of no telly, it was FINALLY time to sort this. I’d be making do with just my iPad leant against a cushion – it definitely wasn’t ideal!

I took another trip to Boundary Mill and ‘every homeware shop from Colne to France’ as my sister put it, for the final touches…

I couldn’t wait to get in bed that night!! SAD I know.

But I’m really trying to stay in much more this year, so with the help of a cosy, relaxing and comforting bedroom, this should make it a LITTLE easier.

We’ll see eh?!

I’m super chuffed with my room, and I think it’s even spurred my sisters on to redo theirs, as Olivia txt last week saying she had just ordered a new headboard.

Uh oh, she has the bug now…

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