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Life as a long (or short) haired girl…

My hair is wild… Long, thick, curly and ginger; imagine all that on a bad hair day!  Now, it still is all these things, minus the long as I had a little (or big in my eyes) chop last week.

As a child I always had long hair, but around the age of 16 as I hit my ‘rebellious’ years I decided to get it cut into a ‘pob’ (who remembers these?!) and dye it dark brown.  BIG mistake looking back, my TimeHop regularly likes to remind me of this tragic error, but it’s also funny, I’m sure we’ve all had those bad hair days, or years!

I finally decided to go back ‘au natural’ but it took a LONG time.  Countless home ‘stripper’ kits to remove the dark colour later and my long, ginger locks returned.  This was and always has been ‘my thing’.  The amount of compliments I receive about my hair is crazy; it’s weird because as a child I hated it, but now I love it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

However, my hair had got to the point where it was simply too long, and I was struggling to do anything with it.  It almost touched my hips, and although it looked good when it was down, it was hard work, and, as with most things in my life, I had got a little bored.  I fancied a change…

I’ve always loved the midi length style, it looks so stylish and modern; short but long enough to still tie up and play around with.  I’m also a HUGE fan of the fringe; Ann Hathaway in The Devil Wear Prada is the absolute GOD of the fringe; she kills it!  But, I’m not sure I’d rock this as much as she does, so I left it for now, and opted for an almost midi length instead.

short hair

What do you think?

I know it’s not majorly different or short or anything, but for me it’s a big thing, and it certainly feels very different.

I LOVE it, it’s so much easier to do things with, and feels much fresher, healthier and stylish.  I have so much hair, so the shorter style works quite well.  I had a few layers in, which adds to the volume and bouncy effect.

Long is great, but just be careful; keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy is just as important and this is where I had got it wrong.  Although it was long, the ends were just that…ends.  Dead and dry, and not really serving much purpose, they probably thanked me when they were cut off! Ha

Here’s what happened when I wore my hair naturally curly one day and decided to brush the curls out to see what happened!!! Hermione Granger eat your heart out! Haha

wild hair

hermione blog

I swear by TREsemme Freeze Hold Hairspray and Schwarzkopf Dust it to create long lasting volume and depth, it’s no good if your hair looks fabulous in the mirror, but half way through the evening it begins to resemble a pancake.

So, what do you think girls?  Are you a long or short haired kinda gal?

Share your secrets in the comments below, I’d love to hear them.

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