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LOL! But was it really funny?

I think when we hear the term ‘comedy nights’ we instantly expect absolute LAUGH OUT LOUD moments, real belly laughs that make your face screw up in a really unattractive, yet funny face!  But rightly so, isn’t that what everyone expects when they pay money to sit in front of a comedian?

My thoughts exactly; I’ve always been a little dubious about these nights, everyone has different senses of humour, so how can one person make an entire room howl with laughter?!

Well it’s a skill isn’t it I guess, we don’t question how one footballer can cause an entire stadium to hurl abuse if he so much as puts a foot out of line, or how one singer can have the crowd crooning along in a matter of minutes; so why do we question the skills of a comedian, who, like the others simply has a gift of working the crowd?

So, as I sat on the front row at a comedy night at a gourmet burger style restaurant in Burnley called Kenank’s, I was a little nervous but really excited to see what they had in store.  The burger supper came out and it was yummy; cheeseburger and fries, exactly what’s needed on a Friday night before a pretty heavy night out.  I could definitely have eaten the whole thing twice.

Each table were given a laminated card, which was to be held up during the course of the evening; waiters then came to the table, took your drinks order, and brought it back to you from the bar; a genius idea really!

Then it was time for the comedians to take centre stage….  But, before any of that, there’s always one poor soul who gets picked out and dragged up on stage to take part in what can only be described as embarrassment beyond belief.

And, of course, that poor soul was ME.

Yes, when the MC asked the crowd ‘who is single?’ my lovely work colleagues screamed and pointed at me, like I was auditioning for a place on X Factor!

I won’t bore you with what happened next, but there’s a short video over on my Instagram of the whole ordeal! @VICTORIAGILL_X  I think I dealt with it pretty well?!

After my little performance, it was time for the real entertainment.  I can’t remember at what point it happened (it may have been after my third glass of Rose) but I could feel the belly laugh coming on.  It had started with a grin, then a slight chuckle, then I’ll admit to howling and then, yes, there it was, along with the rest of the room, I gave a deep belly laugh which stayed for the entire evening!  These guys were funny!!

Their comments were funny but also really easy to relate to; I know that’s the angle they aim for, people find things funnier when the situation is easily relatable, but it worked.  I even laughed when one of the comedians ridiculed ginger guys!

Now anyone part of the ‘ginger’ club knows the rules about ‘gingerist’ jokes; we stick together right?! We don’t laugh at each other! Haha!  But the jokes were funny, so I laughed…sorry crew.

Jokes aside, the whole evening was brilliant; Kenank’s hosted an exceptionally well run event, the banter was fierce, and the comedians were on form.

My work colleagues and I had a great team night out; we can’t wait for the next event in September!

I’ll have my wicked way and have one of them up on stage next time, just you wait…

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