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Mini makeup haul ft. Nars, MAC and Laura Mercier

Every girl LOVES new makeup and I’m certainly no exception!  After anxiously waiting for the products to come back in stock, I finally put my order in with Nars, Laura Mercier and MAC and eagerly awaited their arrival, thinking they were going to have some profound, life changing effect on my life…

I’m not sure the products are entirely life changing, but they are pretty damn good and I would certainly recommend them!

I’ll start with the foundation as this is the thing I’ve always had the most bother with.  As a ginger ‘paley’ it’s SO hard to find a foundation that matches.  I’m sure other pale, freckly kids out there will agree?!

I cannot stand the whole tanned face, white neck thing, so for me choosing a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly, has the right amount of coverage, at the right price, and which also lasts all day (phew, high expectations or what?!) is a major issue.

Look no further gals, I’ve found the solution in Nars Luminous Weightless Foundation; this product is the holy grail of foundations, in my opinion.


I have a major hang up about the amount of freckles that like to chill on my face (all year round!), so for me, the right amount of coverage is particularly important.

This foundation is perfect as a tiny amount covers your entire face effortlessly, including those freckles.  BUT, instead of that heavy, gloopy and thick feeling that so many foundations can leave, this feels, well, ‘weightless’ – exactly what it says on the tin.

I went to Selfridges in Manchester to speak to one of the Nars consultants about my colour, and although she was pretty morbid herself, she did match the foundation perfectly to my skin, no lines here (I hope!).

Now, I’ve been umm’ing and arr’ing about whether or not to invest in a good concealer for some time.  Once again, the underlying issue is those freckles; I have lots under my eyes (no they’re not cute) and tend to cake more foundation here to cover them.  However, this is not the way to do it, and a good quality concealer product is the best way to hide anything.

So welcome Laura Mercier high coverage concealer, a brand I’d not heard much about up until now.  The lady on the counter was SO helpful – it makes all the difference.  She tested a couple of colours on my skin and I loved it.  No ‘cakey’ look but still plenty of coverage, I’ll definitely be looking at more of their products in the future.  She gave me her card and practically begged my sister and I to come back for a demo, ie free makeover, why the hell not?!


And finally, it’s time to talk good ol’ trusty MAC.  I’ve used a handful of their products from their blusher, to their highlighter over the years, and they just get it right every time.  Good quality, reasonably priced, durable, hard wearing and perfect for day and night time looks.

Today, I’ll be chatting about a lipstick from their Viva Glam range and lip liner called Spicy.  I’ve been after an everyday, natural looking lip combo for a while, but as I’m pale the nude colours make me look washed out.  Not a great look, but I also didn’t want a bold, statement colour… Argh!

As usual, the MAC section in the Trafford was heaving, but I managed to grab the attention of one of the ultra-glam ‘MAC girls’.  I’m so glad I did, she was super helpful and pointed out the perfect lip duo which I love, and I think I’ve worn every day since.  The product is number 2 in the Viva Glam range; a sort of burgundy, brown colour if you will; perfect for my skin tone and hair colour.

It’s really flattering and looks great both during the day and in the evening; a great quality in a lipstick!


The whole lot wasn’t cheap, but I really think that spending time and money on better quality makeup products is something every girl should think about.  I’m gradually learning quality over quantity, and what better place to start than my makeup bag?!

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