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I seem to have developed a not so healthy obsession with Sunday afternoon baking (yes, I know it’s not Sunday, but it feels like one!)

It’s a hobby that keeps me entertained and distracted for the afternoon, with a tasty treat to enjoy at the end – I can think of worse obsessions, can’t you?!

It all stemmed from following ‘Tasty’ on Facebook – the power of social media eh, but this is one company who I think have got it right. Video after video of quick, easy and simple guides to tasty and delicious cooking and baking.

The videos are eye-catching and tell you all you need to know in under two minutes. By this I mean… ingredients, measures of each, how many it will serve, how long to cook it for – basically an online cookbook.  The only slight problem is that all the measurements are American, but a bit of common sense and a Google search will solve this.

I’ve been living on my own for over a year now, and in this time I’ve actually really started to enjoy spending time in the kitchen. Before this, I was lucky enough to come home every night from school, college, uni and then work, and my meals would be on the table for me. Don’t get me wrong, when I was younger this was a godsend, and I massively appreciated it, however it did mean that I wasn’t very experienced in the kitchen, and I’ll admit that once of a day, I wouldn’t even have known how to make a roast dinner!

I made a conscious decision to start making more ‘proper’ teas from scratch, and it’s also nice to know how to make puddings and sweet treats too.

Afternoons in the kitchen are relaxing, and I find it calms me too. If I ever feel stressed or anxious, it’s a great way to unwind and not think about anything for a few hours.

I’ve made quite a few bits recently; last week it was beef taco cups, followed by chocolate raspberry cups. They were yum!

I’m a big believer in following the recipe to the dot, until you’re more of a pro and that natural flair develops. So for now, that’s what I’ve been doing, and the dishes have been turning out okay!

Today, I noticed ‘Tasty’ had uploaded a video, which screamed chocolate heaven! Triple chocolate scones…wow.

It was the last day of the bank holiday, so I decided to pop on my apron and set to making these chocolate delights.

What do you think?


They tasted amazing, if I do say so, and were really easy to make.

Isn’t it weird how much you change as you get older. I used to hate cooking or even being in the kitchen as a child, sulking when it was my turn to wash up, and only really taking interest, when my mum was making a cake, and I was allowed to lick the bowl!!

Nowadays, I will happily spend hours in the kitchen, trying new things out, and nervously awaiting the outcome.

Look out for more tasty recipes, I’ll be a pro in no time!!




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