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Mooching around Milan…

In case anyone didn’t know, I went to Milan at the weekend. I haven’t posted enough photos, so thought I’d do a quick blog post too… (lolz, I’m sure everyone that knows me can hear my sarcastic tone!)

But, in all seriousness, I’ve just got back from an amazing weekend away in the beautiful city of Milan. I’ve been on quite a few Europe trips recently, they’re one of my favourite things. But this was something a little different.

Usually, I like to do all the tourist stuff, but then also go out at night, get sh**faced and spend the weekend battling a hangover, with the urge to make the most of the trip and see everything there is to see.

However, Milan is different and I felt like this was a sign that I am definitely entering my mid/late twenties and have a slightly different outlook on life. Instead of the partying at night, I found that Milan is much more civilized. It’s more of a nice meal and a bottle of wine kind of place. Surprisingly, this didn’t bother me one bit and it was actually SO nice!


No ridiculous hangovers, just early starts ready to explore the beautiful city.

So, onto the city. It’s beaut. So clean, well-kept, bustling and just genuinely has a great feel to it. Unlike other European cities, it isn’t BRIMMING with British tourists, instead we were definitely a minority. While this was pretty liberating and meant we were able to experience Milan in all its glory, it sometimes made it a little difficult.

For example, there were no English menus and barely anyone spoke English, so we had to kind of blunder our way through, but I guess this just added to the fun!

And, talking of culture, I need to mention our apartment. Has anyone ever seen the film ‘Allied’ with Brad Pitt?! This is the only way I can describe the place…SO European. Huge bookcases, old-fashioned telephone station, grand armchairs, and art and décor on the wall. I won’t lie, we were surprised when we walked in, but it just added to the overall experience! Here I am posing in the armchair… ha!


We visited the famous Duomo di Milano (Milan Cathedral), which is ridiculously impressive. The structure is huge and every bit as beautiful on the inside as the outside. We took a tour of the rooftop terrace too which was amazing. I’m sure the photos below tell the story…



We headed to 10 Corso Como on the second day, which is an area of Milan full of cute little antique/vintage shops, restaurants and a cool shopping centre surrounded by water features. We walked here, and although it took an hour, it was a great chance to pass through lots of little villages, which were very ‘typical’ Italian if you will – all the culture! That afternoon we headed to the Navigli waterways, took a ride on a gondola and chilled by the canal drinking ice cold, yummy drinks. Oh and I got sunburnt – standard!

We then ate at a gorgeous seafood restaurant to finish the wonderful trip. My friend Laura said to me before I went… ‘a little bit of culture is good for the soul’ – how right she was!


I can definitely say that I LOVED my first trip to Italy, another tick on the ol’ bucket list. I can reel off loads more places in Italy I want to visit, including Rome, Pompeii, Venice, Florence, Verona and Lake Garda – best get checking those Skyscanner flights!

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