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Is it okay to spend a small fortune every now and then?

I spent a small fortune in the airport before my holiday a few weeks ago. Well, this may be a slight over exaggeration, but to me it felt like A LOT of money. It wasn’t like it was for a deposit on a house, or a new car, or a first rental payment – these things seem justifiable, right?! It was on something totally vain, because, well, I wanted it.

What.a.diva. Ha!

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smear for smear
Mirror, mirror

#SmearForSmear 💋

I’m using today’s blog post as a chance to spread the word and raise a bit of awareness for a topic I feel really strongly about.

Usually, I like to keep my blog fun, light-hearted and not too serious, but this week is Cervical Cancer Prevention week, so when I saw the #SmearForSmear campaign for Jo’s cervical cancer trust making the rounds on social media, I thought this was good opportunity to use my voice (or my blog) to get involved and help to spread the word.

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