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I’ve been SO busy lately, I don’t know where time goes. Wake up, work, exercise, eat and go to bed. It’s a never ending cycle. Anyone else feel like it’s full steam ahead at the moment?!

And breeeatheeeeee…

I thought I’d do a quick blog today, or even a mini diary entry and just fill you all in on what’s going down in the world of ‘My Rose Tinted Glasses’.

Obviously some of you may not be remotely interested, but for you nosy buggers, read on….

Well, firstly, I got my mop chopped. I’ve already blogged on this before, and it has been a gradual process, but I did get a good chunk off a few weeks ago. You’ll be pleased to know that there were no dramas, it all ran relatively smoothly, thanks to my fab hairdresser, and I love the new short style!

It’s much easier to wash, dry and style, and as my morning pattern gets repeatedly lazier (that’s another story), it’s quicker to do something with at 8.30am, as I frantically run my brush through it, willing it to do as it’s told – everyone has this struggle right?!

Next, I had a proud little CrossFit moment; for all the ‘haterz’, blink for a few seconds, it’ll be over soon…

I’ve been part of the community down at CrossFit Pendle for 8 months now – I won’t say too much, as I’m going to do a full blog on this, when I hit my year mark – however, I hit a PB the other week, which I NEVER thought was possible.

I managed to hang power clean 42.5kg – this was a HUGE moment for me; when I started at the gym, I could barely pick up the 15kg bar!

Hopefully, I’ll have a few more PB’s to chat about once we get around to June.

Does anyone follow the ‘Tasty’ account on Facebook? I’m obsessed! The recipes look seriously yummy and most of them are really easy to make!

I attempted Oreo stuffed cookies; I followed the mixture exactly, concentrating hard as I blended the ingredients together, stuffed the cookie inside and popped them in the oven. I held my breath as they began to cook; the sweet sugary smell wafted through the kitchen, and my sisters popped down to see what I was cooking… a good sign.

And it was a good sign, they were scrumptious! Seriously, I was well impressed. I think these treats are definitely my forte. I even made them again for my bosses 40th celebrations!

So, I’ve titled this blog ‘Random jibble jabble’ as that’s exactly what it is!

A few thoughts scribbled down on the page, just to let you all know that I’m still here, and I’ll be blogging much more frequently, I PROMISE.

I’m off down to LANDAN next week, for an exhibition with work; another big moment, work-wise – look out for a blog on this, all you lovers of the big city!


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