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Shop till you drop! (Or at least until your credit card tells you to stop…)

We’ve all heard the saying, ‘champagne lifestyle on a lemonade wage’ and we’re all culprits whether we like to admit it or not. Me included!

I love nice things, and sometimes nice things mean spending money that I don’t have. Now there’s the masses that take this saying to the extreme and spend, spend and spend till their bank balance literally can’t take it anymore. Then there are the others, who play the game with a brain; this is the category I like to put myself in…

Looking good doesn’t have to cost hundreds of pounds! I wore an outfit that was entirely Primark, yes Primark the other day, and the amount of compliments I received was ridiculous. The one, key ingredient is having an eye for fashion and knowing what will work.

There are plenty of great, trendy shops out there, that’ll have you kitted out in no time. My absolute faves are H&M and Zara; whatever the season they guarantee beautiful clothes at a reasonable price. Both places do casual, work and evening/party wear SO well, if I’m ever stuck for ideas, browsing around these shops is a guaranteed way to create some inspiration.


Now, love it or hate it; scouring through sales racks is a must if you want to find those all-important bargains. I’m not saying camp outside Next, pushing through the crowd at 5am as the doors open; we all know they’ll be the one person that trips and lands on their face in front of the hot sales assistant!

BUT, sales can be great for finding quirky little items that you may not have considered before or simply couldn’t afford. However, sales do take time and patience, so I’d definitely advise not to attempt one if you’re feeling grumpy, or ‘that way out’. I’m still in two minds about sale shopping, sometimes I love it and find some fab bargains, whereas other times I give up after an hour, and retreat back to the car in a foul mood. I guess it depends on the mood I’m in that day!

Having an eye for fashion as mentioned, is key to staying within your budget; you may have seen some Kurt Geiger shoes you love, but most of the time it’s the style you love, not the name. See if you can find these shoes anywhere else, I bet there’s something similar out there, for much cheaper.

Wander the shops on a lazy Saturday afternoon, window shopping is HARD, but it’s also very worthwhile. Gather your ideas, and have a big blow out on pay day!


My outfit in the photo has been bought in high street shops, and I really didn’t spend a ridiculous amount. It looks and feels great, and is perfect for various different occasions, and, of course, it’s great to mix and match.

  • Jacket – H&M
  • Cami top – Topshop
  • High waisted shorts – ASOS
  • Shoes – Matalan


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