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#SmearForSmear 💋

I’m using today’s blog post as a chance to spread the word and raise a bit of awareness for a topic I feel really strongly about.

Usually, I like to keep my blog fun, light-hearted and not too serious, but this week is Cervical Cancer Prevention week, so when I saw the #SmearForSmear campaign for Jo’s cervical cancer trust making the rounds on social media, I thought this was good opportunity to use my voice (or my blog) to get involved and help to spread the word.

It is SO important to attend your smear test ladies. In my opinion, the age for a smear should be much lower than 25. However, it’s not, so as soon as that letter comes through the door inviting you for your smear test, you need to book in straight away. I know, it might seem scary, daunting, painful, I thought all of these exact things, but honestly it’s nothing and is over in 5 minutes!

Cervical cancer is one of the few cancers which can be prevented, so, why wouldn’t you make the most of a FREE test, which can be done at your local GP. There are actually no excuses, and anyone who puts it off is just being stupid in my opinion. Sorry to sound blunt, but it’s true.

So, that’s the ‘ranting’ part out of the way, now for the fun stuff; let’s talk about how amazing the Smear for Smear campaign is. I think it’s a great idea, every girl loves a selfie, so why not take one, and just smudge your lipstick a little to raise awareness?! It’s easy:

💋 Choose your fave lippy

💋 Whack it on

💋 Smear it at the corners

💋 Take a selfie

💋 Post it on Instagram with the hashtag #SmearForSmear

💋 Nominate two friends

I nominate two of my favourite gals, Alex Clarke and Imogen Whitehead to take their #SmearForSmear selfie and help to spread the word!

Attend your smear girls and reduce the risk of cervical cancer.

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