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Summer lovin’ happened so fast

October arrived yesterday with a clear blue sky, warm air and only a hint of that frosty, autumn feeling.

Now, summer is FULL of perks, obviously, and I’m not really not being one of those annoying ‘summer haters’ but, is anyone else so over their bedroom representing a scene from ‘A Bugs Life’ day in, day out?!

My sisters and I can spend a good 20 minutes, if not longer, per evening, building up the courage to kill the HUGE spider that’s scurrying across my wall, or the montage of moths that have decided to set up camp in my curtains.

EW, it’s actually gross.

The thing is, I’m one of those people that likes to leave my window open all day (I blame my mother). I love ‘getting some fresh air’, but by the time I return home, at 8pm some days, the damage is done; instead of the million other things I have to do, I spend the night frantically hopping around my bedroom with the fly squatter, begging my sisters to help me with the battle against the bugs!


Jokes aside, summer is great but I really think winter is just as fab too!

I can’t wait to get wrapped up in cosy coats, ankle boots, knitted jumpers and bobble hats. Winter fashion is definitely my fave, I’ve already spotted a few little bargains on MissGuided, which my credit card has so politely insisted on buying. Naughty…

And winter is the season to embrace the colour black and all the wonderful outfits that come with it. LBD’s are my fave; it doesn’t matter what your skin tone, hair colour or eye colour, they suit everyone, and give you the chance to express your inner diva and feel a million dollars! (Clique as it sounds)

I wore my first LBD of the year on Saturday night and LOVED it. Apart from a few side boob issues, the dress felt great.  Here’s a pic of me and my beauuuuuutiful friendies!


And if you’re not a lover of nights out in those slinky LBD’s, remember that there are other colours to choose from!! Haha…

Failing that, X Factor is back on our screens and with a host of new judges, a more contemporary feel and Olly Murs once a week, I think it makes staying in a whole lot easier!

So for all you folks out there feeling depressed because the festivals are over, Ibiza is another whole 12 months away, and ‘A Bugs Life’ will soon non existent, cheer up!!  We’ve got Halloween, bonfires, birthdays, plenty more parties and of course Christmas to look forward to!

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