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The ‘delights’ of decorating the house for Christmas…

Christmas decorations – you either love em’ or hate em’, but either way, unless your middle name is Scrooge, it’s a festivity which can’t go amiss…

I remember as a child, the four of us huffed and puffed, moaned and groaned and were generally not very forthcoming when it came to decorating the tree. It was a CHORE. Yes, it looked pretty and we wanted the house to look all festive and sparkly, however, actually putting the effort in to make this happen was a different matter.

Mother used to go mad, I’m actually not surprised and thinking about it now we were useless!! Ha… We’d always get the giggles, and end up goofing around, which usually ended with a few fall outs, shouting and then eventually, after double the amount of time, the house would finally look relatively pretty and festive.

So, with this year being the first one in our own house, it would be interesting to see how it all went down. Well, it didn’t…

Two weeks before the big day, we were all panicking as we had no decorations! Ooooops. Initially I wasn’t bothered, and just thought a few cute baubles on the tree would do. My brother and sister were left to do this job… halfway through I popped my head in to see how they were getting on… bad move – the tree was stuffed with Pringles boxes, candles, plates and a silver clutch bag at the top in the place of the star! LOL.

After a crazy mission to The Range, Boundary Mill, B&M, Next and every other homeware store you can think of – in a frantic search for orange baubles, we soon realised these were none existent. Orange obviously isn’t the ‘in’ colour at Christmas.

We made do with gold for the living room, and in the hallway, we went for a silver and white garland which draped elegantly down the bannister, illuminating the room. It isn’t quite as exquisite as this sounds, but it does look nice, and definitely adds to that ‘December’ feel.



I think decorating the house is one of those ‘jobs’ which looks fun on films, and in writing, should be a great time to really get in the festive mood, eating mince pies and drinking mulled wine with your nearest and dearest. In reality, most people want to spend the time with a trip to the Christmas markets, or doing the all-important Christmas shopping!

I promise I’m not a Scrooge, I love Christmas, or rather the food, drink, family and friends that comes with it! Ha!

But maybe being a homeowner has shed a whole new light on the season, organisation is definitely the key…

New years resolution number 1 – I promise to be more organised next year! (She says now…)

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