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The embarrassing email names we’d love to forget!

Email addresses… professional, corporate, serious, sensible.  All words which we associate with our day to day job roles, and therefore our email addresses reflect this.

But, has it always been like this?  Or are you, like me and so many of my friends, one of the cringey lot who decided to create a ridiculously embarrassing email address in your teens, that you’ve struggled to shake off ever since?!

I’ll say it quick, if you promise not to read over it again and again!  Promise? there it is, in all its shame… shall we just take a moment to digest and dissect this little gem of information.

Vic, that’s fine, I can live with my name, but ‘4eva’ – I’m not sure at what point in my teens I thought it was cool to speak in such slang, but I definitely remember scrawling and branding everything I could with the logo ‘vic4eva’, who did I think I was?! Haha i.d.s.t was a key little phrase too, but luckily this didn’t make it onto my email address.

As a youngster, I remember my dad creating emails for us all, my brother and sisters didn’t have much luck either, but the worst part is that we chose these ourselves – sorry kids, but I’m going to name and shame… olivisdaone, steffcoolkid and gilly2jnr.

Now, these were fine growing up, email wasn’t such a big deal, it was simply a way to log into Bebo or MySpace, but as I got to college and started filling in forms, and companies and colleges asked for my email address over the phone, I’d definitely say it became quite as issue.

I could feel my face redden as I spelt the word vic, dreading what was coming next…the person on the other end of the line must have howled when they hung up.

I made the decision to create a more grown up, adult email address in college, applying for uni was a serious thing right, I had to shake off this tell-tale sign of my childhood!

It proved much more difficult to shake it off, however, as the email address was linked to accounts and programmes which I still deal with now and there wasn’t a way of changing it. Uh oh…

My friend Katie and I were chatting the other day, and I offered to email her a document; I suddenly burst out laughing remembering her email address as a teen, ‘are you still katieshaw007’ – she doesn’t even like James Bond!

I think ‘vic4eva’ will always be a part of me, but thankfully I’ve found ways to overrule her and the professional me steers away from using her, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Word of warning to all my young readers, if you’re planning to create an email account, think about how long you’d like it to last – you don’t want to be curling your toes in embarrassment when your new employer asks for your email address, and you haven’t had chance to change it just yet.

Now, that’s the serious stuff out of the way, PLEASE tell me your old (or current) email names, I’d love to know that I’m not the only one…

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