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The Fields of Cream

I’m FINALLY starting to feel half human again after a heavy weekend at Creamfields last weekend. Four years in and it’s taking so much longer to recover after a weekend in the fields of Cream!

I attempted to write this blog last week, but let’s just say the creative juices certainly weren’t flowing, and my little self was all sad that it was over! (SADDO ha)

But now I’m feeling back to my old self, I thought I’d give you a quick lowdown about my how my fourth year at the festival went.


I thought I’d start to get bored as I got older, been there, done that kinda thing, but I really haven’t. I love the place. The DJs, the atmosphere, the music, the stomping, the raving, the people – it’s just such good fun!

My friends Becca, Becky and I managed to get a dirt cheap ticket, after kidding ourselves that we weren’t going to go this year… course we were! Ooops. My head (and bank balance) said don’t go, but my heart (and that weekend demon of mine) said GO.


Glad I did, the sun even shone for us all weekend, which was a first! Normally Creamfields resembles a mud bath (it’s all part of the fun) but this year was a totally different experience, I didn’t even need my wellies, the ground was really hard and dry.

I definitely preferred it this way, I’m a girly girl, and it was nice to not have to worry about my hair or streaky fake tan for once.

The only issue I did have, and I’m sure most girls who love a good festival can relate to this… the dreaded playsuit and toilet situation!! I won’t go into detail, but wow, it was difficult.

My highlight of the weekend was Hannah Wants, she was I.N.S.A.N.E!! I’ve been itching to see her for a while, so on the Sunday night at 8.30pm, my dreams came true, and we spent an hour and a half stomping around inside the tent with her. One of the funniest quotes of the weekend (there were a lot) ‘She is diiiiiirty’ came from Becky! She was dirty and played some belters, I’ll definitely be seeing her again in the future.


By Monday morning I was done over, and it’s taken over a week to recover – sign of old age?! But it was so worth it.

I’ve TOLD myself I’m going to stay away next year, as I already have a week in Cyprus and Ibiza planned, but my history with staying away from Creamfields tells a different story.

Who knows, will I make it to my 5th year?



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