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The latest beauty craze to hit our newsfeeds!

We were all there when Juice Plus and Herbalife ambushed our daily newsfeeds; even contouring has now taken the beauty world by storm, so was it any surprise when the latest craze of mud masks and teeth whitening kits were plastered across all my social media platforms?

Not really.

However, it was a surprise, when my cousin – who happened to be a bloke of nearly 6 foot, well built, grizzly beard (sort of) and just an all-round LAD – asked if I was interested in any samples! Yes, you heard it.

I laughed and asked what he was thinking?! I never thought I’d see the day when his newsfeed was full of posts on the benefits of teeth whitening, or the super smooth sensation that these mud masks left on your face…

But, after some banter and haggling, he then explained that these were a little gold mine and a great moneymaker before Christmas.

I could see the logic; as with everything on social media, if something takes off and there’s enough of a buzz around a product, people start talking – nag them enough, then maybe a little more, throw a few images in there, and there we have it, sales start to grow and… KERCHING.

Well curiosity got the better of me pretty quickly; I’m a nosy cow and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I soon found myself plastering this green clay like substance across my face, hoping it was going to make my skin ‘as smooth as a babies bottom’.

I chickened out of the teeth whitening kit, I’ve got really sensitive teeth and didn’t want to risk anything. Maybe I will at some point, but not for now.

Anyway, back to this amazing undiscovered beauty product…


I left it on my face for around 15 mins, that’s as much as I could take, I’m a chatter box, however, this completely shut me up, as I literally could not move my face. It was a weird sensation, but it felt good in a way. I could feel the product working, sounds gross, but you could see the little dots on my nose where it was really getting to the pores in my skin.

Half way through the ‘procedure’, my cousin asked how I was getting on, I sent him a pic and his response was ‘all that manky stuff on your nose is the black heads coming out’. Brilliant.

Guess it’s working though right?!

After washing it off, I was pleasantly surprised to see my skin felt SO smooth. Honestly, I’ve used plenty of face packs in the past, but this was definitely the smoothest my skin had felt after one.

I definitely think if you were a religious ‘mud masker’ and used the product once, even twice a week, you’d start to see a difference in your skin.

I’ve always been really lucky and had quite clear skin, but for anyone who struggles with their skin, especially as the seasons change, I’d recommend giving it a go.

It comes in a nifty little container, and the mixture spreads really far, so I think you could get a few goes out of it.

Maybe I’ve been converted?

Who knows how long the craze will continue, but it’s definitely one of the better ones we’ve had.


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