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The real story behind red lippy

Red lipstick has been around FOREVER, for generations it’s been a bold way for women to express their femininity.  My Grandma wore it in her younger years, and so did my Mum; but I’ve been
thinking about the real reason behind the timeless phenomenon.  Does the colour represent personality and allow you to stand out from the crowd? And why are some women too shy or
perhaps lack the confidence to pull off such a prominent colour?

As a red head with stereotypical pale skin, I’ve always been dubious about wearing red lipstick, not because I was afraid or nervous, but because I doubted how the brash, bold colour would look
against my brash, bold hair.  Both are striking features, and I feared they would compete too much.

However in recent years, I’ve taken the plunge and given it a go, and guess what… I LOVE it!

What’s not to love?

The colour is great; it’s attractive and can really ‘set’ an outfit.  I tried a few different shades as I found some worked and some didn’t.  I tend to stick to the more ‘red blood’ type colours, these
deep, lustrous colours work well with my hair and skin tone, and create a look only Kate Winslet could dream of! Ha!

The colour red suggests danger or warning in some cases, but I also think it oozes sexiness, sirens and confidence.  Anyone who wears red is asking to be noticed, me included; it’s a fab way to show
off your whole look and give people a little indicator into your personality. Summer, autumn, winter or spring, red lipstick is versatile, therefore works well in all four seasons!

How many colours can you say that about?  It looks great in winter with the favoured LBD and in summer it’s great for festivals and holidays; especially for those lucky enough to tan!! (I’m not
jealous at all, promise…)  Team with accessories for a vibrant, colourful, summer look.

Spruce up your makeup bag and throw a red lippy in there, I promise it will come in handy!

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