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The things no one told you when moving in on your own

Moving in on your own can be exciting and thrilling, but it’s also daunting and downright scary at times! Believe me…

You’ve outgrown the family home and it’s time to make the jump and embark upon your own little journey, but this doesn’t come without its ups and downs along the way.

I made the decision to jump ship and within a few weeks I somehow, unintentionally, found myself showing signs of that sulky teenager from years before. Why wouldn’t my parents give me some of their furniture? What was the point of repainting the whole house? Who the hell asked the window cleaner to show up every week?!

I soon snapped out of it and realised that this was in fact…reality. BANG. It hit me hard too!

There were so many little things that someone out there had forgotten to mention, so I thought I’d write a blog to remind other people.

The wild parties DON’T happen! Well not as much as they should anyway, I’m 23, been living on my own 4 months now, and so far I’ve had exactly… 0 parties. Sad, but true, they’re too much hassle. Who wants to wake up with a stonking hangover and clean up the mountains of beer cans, vodka bottles and general mess that your lovely friends have created?

The washing machine doesn’t work by itself. Damn I hear you say! It’s just a myth, so learning the art of colours, darks and whites is essential. I think I’ve just about mastered it (my mother would be so proud!).

Putting the bins out for recycling is the most tedious, monotonous and AWFUL job. I forget without fail every week, then suddenly about 10pm all hell breaks loose, as I stumble down the stairs in my oversized onesie, shove my feet in some old trainers, and try to hurl the bins down the drive in record breaking time. However, it doesn’t end here, as the whole process starts again the next day when it’s time to bring them back in again… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Did you know that toilet rolls have ‘plys’? No, this was new to me too. But they do according to my mother; 3 plys is the best (FYI). We learn something new every day eh?

My cooking is AMAZING. Well maybe not amazing, but it’s pretty good, or at least it’s getting there. My spag bol now has a few extra herbs thrown in, I can do more with chicken than make a simple korma, and toast is the next BIG thing! You too could be the next Nigella…

BEWARE of your sister; overnight mine turned into housezilla!! You may think you’re free from the stereotypical parental nagging, finally able to make your own mistakes, and then a text comes through asking if you’ve dusted this week? Yes, you read that correctly.

Your homeowner journey begins now, make it a good one!

I’ll keep you posted with any further ‘housey’ updates, but in the meantime, let me know yours?

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