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I’ve been a commuter to Leeds for just over four months now. So far, so good. I genuinely don’t mind the commute. It’s a chance to chill, relax, de-stress, wind down and just gather my thoughts – being the overthinker I am.

However, I have started to notice some regular ‘train types’ – basically, other commuters who have weird annoying habits. I bet every commuter will fall into one of the categories I’m about to talk you through… me included.

So, here are my top five ‘observances’ if you will – when it comes to train commuters:

Excessive PDA

Really, does everyone need to see this? Especially when the train is boiling hot, sweaty and packed. I’ve noticed that this ‘type’ tends to surface on the late night trains, particularly the Friday night ones.


People on the train, on the phone, talk loud. For some unknown reason, the volume levels rise significantly, and they have zero consideration for others around them, and the fact that we all don’t care what’s going on with Beatrice in the office, or what’s for dinner when you get home.

The makeup counter

Every morning, without fail, there will be one woman (at least) applying her lippy or mascara, gazing hard, with deep concentration into her small, compact mirror, as we twist and turn along the tracks.

The runner

I will admit, that 90% of the time, this is me – * hangs head in shame * There’s always that one person in the station that is running full pelt to the nearest platform as the train pulls up.

The napper

My snapchat friends will have seen their fair share of nappers on the train! Ooops…We get snorers, grunters, heavy breathers and everything in between. I do understand it, it’s a long day, your eyes tend to drift – BUT – if you know you’re any of the above, you should make a conscious effort not to doze off.

Now is probably a good time to point out that I had a guy sat next to me the other week, whose head kept rolling towards me as he napped… it got to the point where he practically had his head on my shoulder. NOT OKAY. In the end, I had to shake him and wake him up, and ask him to move.


I’m sure this is only the start of my train adventures, so I’ll be sure to check in and write another blog when I come across some more ‘types.

How fascinating is people watching?!

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